There’s nothing more enjoyable to me than helping someone figure out an issue and seeing their eyes light up. Helping people solve problems, and being a part of that entire journey brings true joy to my life. It goes beyond just answering an email, to me it’s about the relationship you can forge with people to not only having lifelong customers, but lifelong friends.

Over the last 12 years, I’ve been the User Evangelist and Community Manager (which to me are one in the same) for two very large, but very different brands respectively: Raven Internet Marketing Tools, and Lee Ann Womack.   For Raven I did it all: comprised the entire support team, then grew and managed the entire support team, spent a year working on the product team, traveled the world talking to our users, but most importantly I evangelized for the user inside and out. For Lee Ann I had the absolute pleasure of managing all of her fan relations, community management before that was even a well known job title. Two very different mediums, one same goal: put the people first.

I’m a 2001 graduate of Belmont University, with a BBA in Music Business and Marketing. The personals? I love travel, coffee, hockey, baseball, bad Bravo reality shows, running, and am an avid homebrewer.

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