The Customer is Always Right...

community building

March 28, 2014

People People are People Too

I love developers. Some of my dearest friends and partners in crime are developers. But how is it that we came to live in such a developer centric world? As I’m looking for my next career opportunity one thing has become very apparent: we place far less value on the customer, and the people who […]

March 3, 2014

I Want One

Last week, out of the blue I received a tweet from FedEx asking if I could follow them, they had something they wanted to send me. Clearly how every phishing scam begins, no? After a bit of digging, I realized they were doing a Twitter campaign to bring awareness to their new flat rate shipping […]

February 14, 2014

What is Community?

Community for me has always been one of those things that is extremely hard to describe because it is an inherent constant in my life. To commune is to take care of the people, and that’s what I do. But how does that translate to the outside world? And, even more importantly, how does that […]