It makes me so happy to see this new shift towards customer centric businesses in all facets, with design seemingly leading the charge. Doing some research today, I came across this great resource, The Customer Journey Canvas.*


I imagine there are parts of this plan that we’ve worked into our processes: personas, how will people hear about our product or service, how will we promote it, etc. But have you ever received buy in from all stakeholders in the product lifecycle, most importantly design? Do designers look at customer data BEFORE jumping into the design process? Do they make all of these other considerations as well?

Which touchpoints do customers experience during the service journey?

Instead of siloing ourselves out through the product idea and design phase…marketing over here, PR over there, customer support isolated elsewhere, all stakeholders are involved from the beginning with design to build a cohesive customer journey from the very beginning. All of these stakeholders bring a unique perspective to the table, different data, and deserve to be heard to give the customer the best possible experience in the end.

What I love about this concept is that it can be applied to any project, big or small. Maybe you only have 2-3 stakeholders. Maybe you have 10. But at the heart of it is the customer journey, which is what we are ALL here for.

*Hat tip to Maria Hayhow and her blog post over at Moz.