Last week, out of the blue I received a tweet from FedEx asking if I could follow them, they had something they wanted to send me. Clearly how every phishing scam begins, no? After a bit of digging, I realized they were doing a Twitter campaign to bring awareness to their new flat rate shipping options and sending gifts to folks who stated they “wanted” something. Somewhere, someone picked up on this…


A week later, the craziest, yet truly thoughtful gift showed up on my front porch in a fairly large FedEx flat rate box:


West Ham gear! Bubbles galore! A gift that meant something to me personally.

It would be hard to ignore that the genesis of this project wasn’t born from the AMAZING West Jet Christmas promotion last year, but this is an incredibly fun and inventive way to raise awareness for a new product. Do you want to spend marketing budget on a commercial that someone is going to fast forward through, or do you want to spend that money doing something that people will ACTUALLY talk about while having a little fun yourself? What delights customers? A 30 second ad that is intrusive and with little meaning, or something that speaks to an individual?

Make people happy, and the awareness will come. I think FedEx learned that the easy way.

(Come on you irons!)