Community for me has always been one of those things that is extremely hard to describe because it is an inherent constant in my life. To commune is to take care of the people, and that’s what I do. But how does that translate to the outside world? And, even more importantly, how does that scale at a reasonable and affordable level?

Emily Castor, the Director of Community Relations at everyone’s favorite new disruptive darling Lyft put together this great presentation on just how community scales. I think she’s nailed it with this notion…

Rituals scale culture organically.

If we truly believe something, it becomes a part of our daily lives, our rituals. That passion and enthusiasm can scale organically to thousands and thousands of people because it is pure and true and gives other people something to believe in.

This doesn’t just happen though, it has to seep into your entire culture. As Emily puts it your rituals start with, “your product, your CRM, community platforms, communications, and events.” I love this notion, start from the ground up with what you love and that will touch everything and everyone moving forward. Sounds easy doesn’t it? If you truly love something, it becomes second nature, no? Or, a ritual.

You’re doing this because you want to change the world. Ask your community to join you in that mission. Give them a sense of purpose.

You plant the seed. If you genuinely love and believe in that seed, it will grow and scale and flourish.